Energetcis Component Box

Commercial Grade Package

Will build to requested dimensions

Fuse Box

SPEC Nail Wood Box IAW MIL-DTL-2427H

Various sizes available

Rope Handles variant also available

Pallet Box/Cargo Crating

Collapsible, Reusable, and Exportable

Various Custom Sizes Available

Uses: Armor Tile

Load Capacity: 1500-2000 lbs. (Pictured)

Flare Box

Various sizes available

-MJU-10 (pictured left)


Cannon Crates

Various Sizes

-155mm cannon barrel crates

-120mm cannon barrel crates

Custom Solutions

-Custom Crates

-Pallet Skids

-Internal Packaging Components


ASTM 6880

ASTM D7478

ASTM D6251

O & I Corp works closely with the customer to ensure they are getting a high quality solution & fair price through strict quality control measures. We know boxes come in all shapes and sizes, and we can help get the right one per the drawing & mil-specs associated. Customers can supply the specifications and/or prints for what is needed or we can design a solution for the job.
We also have the network needed to provide a single source concept for all your packaging needs. You tell us all the components needed and we provide you with the “Total Package.” We are also a distributor of wooden pallets, specialty skids, fiberboard and chipboard boxes, foam inserts, cushioning, and barrier bags through our extensive network.

Teaming Arrangements with: Kaiyuh Services LLC.