Clearing Tree and Debris

Skid Steer and Trackhoe Forestry Headers

Burn on site, Chip, or Haul Off


Earth Moving: Dozer/Dirt Pan

Site Prep/Foundation

Levee Repair

-Flood Repairs

-Experience with FSA Flood Aid Repair work and NRCS Reviews

Culvert Installs

Various sizes available

Field Access 

-Culvert Install/Rework

-Road Gravel

-Large Rip

Errosion Control

-Turf Establishment

-Filter Fabric

-Run Off Barriers

Our team has over 20 years of heavy equipment construction and project management experience. O&I’s focus is on heavy construction as it pertains to tree/debris clearing, earth excavation, levee repair, culvert installs for field access and new pond/lake construction all with comprehensive errosion control measures employed.

Teaming Arragnements with

-Milan Environmental Contractors and Harris Farms